Monday, December 27, 2010

Back To Normal

Feuerzangenbowle = flaming Christmas punch = awesome
I didn't mean to take such a long break between posts, but I think the past holiday week serves as an adequate excuse.  How was your holiday week?  Good, I hope.  Mine included: one weekend of frenzied Christmas shopping, one boozy company holiday party complete with revolving bar and teacup ride on the factory floor (not my employer), one hourlong wait at the post office to ship a giant box of goodies to the fam back in snow country, one fondue dinner party at my home, one rib roast dinner party at my home with a Feuerzangebowle finale, one cozy Christmas morning with my husband and a very hyper cat, and an impromptu overnight stay in beautiful downtown L.A., with a hilariously bad Christmas dinner at L.A. Prime.

Oh, and there was also a week of torrential rain.  Originally my post was going to start with a rant about all the rain we got, but considering that some people got 2+ feet of snow in a weekend, and today I'm looking at a clear blue sky, I figured that might not go over very well.  I have a weakness for complaining about things that don't matter.  Please feel free to smack me when I do.

(For the record, though, a week of rain in L.A. is enough to create monstrous potholes big enough to blow out a tire on your car.  May the universe heap a lifetime of blessings on the person who invented run-flat tires.)

So now all we have to do is survive New Year's Eve, and the peaceful, boring January wasteland will bring us back to normalcy and the routine that I crave.  I'll try to keep posting regularly--I was shooting for every other day, so maybe I'll need to start adding some "Blah Blah Tuesday" posts to the calendar to keep myself from rambling too far off course. Because there is a danger of that, and nobody wants to see more posts about the cat.

What says Christmas better than an acrobat suspended from a factory ceiling?

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