Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adieu, Fair Flash Drive

Sorry, I kinda went underground for the past week. My father-in-law is visiting, and so there's been a lot of entertaining and adventuring and dishes (good gravy, so many dishes). We took him to Las Vegas for the weekend and gambled our way through half the casinos. Not much time for literary pursuits these days.

My husband finally took apart my corrupt flash drive last Friday, and sadly informed me that my hope of recovering any data is just about nil. I had been waiting on this final judgment before beginning any sort of new rewrites, and now that I have it, I can't seem to get started. Partly it's the feeling that I need to be totally and completely prepared to begin the most awesome rewrites EVARRR, and partly it's the urge to stash this complex and troublesome plot and start fresh on something else, to apply the things I've learned over the past year to a clean slate.

While standing at the corner of Indecision Junction, there's still plenty for me to do. I'm reading 'Hooked' by Les Edgerton, and I've got a stack of promised critiques that I need to get done now. There are about twenty good books waiting for me on my Kindle as well. I haven't been reading enough fiction lately, and maybe that would be the best thing for easing my brain back into a creative spot.

Deep breath. Om. This isn't a race.

Also - I registered for the SCBWI summer conference in August a few days ago. Are you going too? I surely hope so!


  1. I know how hard it is to have to get your mind back into doing work you've already done. Maybe doing sometnhing different for a while is the way to go.

  2. That sucks! So sorry about the drive.

    I'm considering the summer conference, but it's probably not financially doable right now.

  3. Sorry about your flash drive! Have you given dropbox a try? It has saved me twice now when things crashed. http://db.tt/mXNHbHh

    It isn't a race, but it sure does feel liek it sometimes, I think.

    Wish I could go to SCBWI in Aug. I was about to register for it when I heard that I'd been accepted to a workshop in June that means a week of traveling. I am bummed to miss the conf, but wouldn't dream of missing the other.

    Good luck with new writing!

  4. There's nothing wrong with starting a whole new and fun project while the other mellows! So sorry about the drive. :(

  5. OmG that is hard! Hope you find your vim and can begin again soon!

  6. Ugh. This breaks my heart. :-( So sad.

    I'll be at SCBWI LA! See you there!