Saturday, January 1, 2011

Here We Go

Happy 2011!  How did you ring in the new year?  My husband and I made dinner for a dozen friends, and then we all went to a bar around 10 to celebrate.  I love the giddiness of the countdown.  Look at us, we made another revolution around the sun!  It feels really random and really important in equal parts.

Yay us!

So now what?  For one, it's time to pare down on the excess.  The holidays are fun and all, but I hate getting to January and feeling like a bloated tick.  Right now I'm writing a shopping list for a few leaner weeks.  Also time to get back into a gym routine--hard to start, but easier to maintain once you hit your groove.  Besides just feeling healthier and having more energy, I find that exercise helps loosen up my brain juices, too.  Some of my best plotting breakthroughs have happened in spinning class.

And here comes the obvious:  it's time for me to get down to business on this WIP.  I've been kicking it around in revisions for several months now, and a couple of days ago I finally worked out some subplot changes that have been tormenting me.  It's time to finish it up and throw my hat in that scary, scary ring, so I'm opening my online calendar and setting some deadlines.

The new year is here.  We've made our resolutions, now we need to make good on them.  I'm getting amped up.  I've got Chemical Brothers playing in my head, and it's like listening to the soundtrack for a chase scene.

It's go time.  Are you ready?


  1. I need to get on that setting deadline business for my WIP. So lazy. :)

  2. Lazy is one of my defining characteristics :) If I don't make the deadlines, it's not going to happen. Thanks for following!!