Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Are You WriteOnConning?

The new writing configuration, chez moi
Hey mes amis, are you checking out all the goodies at WriteOnCon this week? I was resistant, but my CP Liz talked me into joining the fun. Let me tell you, those forums are totally addictive. I even posted my query for critique, although because I am a big hairy chicken, I posted under a nickname. I'm not hard to find, though--I told you this nickname back in January, so if anyone is really that curious, then have at it, Encyclopedia Brown.

What else is going on? I'm slaving away at the final part of my revisions, i.e. the hard part. This is the point where the story kinda ran off the rails in the first draft, and while my characters are still headed in the same direction, I need them to take a route that's less...circuitous. I'm still planning to get my revisions done by the end of the month, but it's going to be tough, since this week I have houseguests (again!), and in two weeks I'm out on a business trip. Followed by a trip overseas. And then maybe some peace and quiet. In October. (Profanity follows...)

In the reading department, I read two ARCs recently that I really enjoyed--one was Legend by Marie Lu. Good world-building, very solid storytelling, and I loved the characters. Marie Lu shows no mercy. The other ARC was Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor, which knocked my socks off. The story was unique and rich, and the whole thing was so original. I'm the kind of reader who likes to be carried along by a story--I don't try to guess endings--and to me this one was just about perfect.

I hope your weeks are going well, and I hope to see you in the WriteOnCon forums. Keep your eyes on this blog--I may have a little giveaway for you soon...


  1. Now I need to go find your nickname!

    I have my query, my first 250 words, and my first 5 pages up there. :-\

  2. I'm hitting the WriteOnCon posts late, but I'm definitely hitting them! I started today!

    I'm a Laini Taylor fan! I loved LIPS TOUCH: THREE TIMES. I've heard her speak, and she's incredible. She gives so much great information when she gives a talk.

    Good luck on your revisions!

  3. You did LA and WriteOnCon---you ARE dedicated. I mentioned it to my husband and he looked at me like, "yeah, I'm not taking these kids again."