Friday, August 26, 2011

Recharge of the Week

This is where I was at last night--does this count as an artist's date?

deadmau5 at the Hollywood Palladium
Music that gets you jumping and shouting, masses of sweaty, happy people, a grinning DJ who seems as excited about sharing his music as you are to be listening to it. Tank refilled. Just in time, too, because tomorrow night I will be in full writing-cave mode while my husband goes back out to see this guy again.

Why did I not realize in my 20s that live music is a good thing?


  1. Oh man, live music recharges me like nothing else, so I totally think this counts as an artist date!

  2. I love dancing and listening to music. Live music is awesome!

  3. Hmmm...I love live music but crowds drive me crazy. Don't know if I could do this.

  4. I'm such a square. I lived for live music in college, but now whenever I see a show I wish I was sitting at home with a glass of wine listening to the music at a reasonable volume. Haha. Still, this totally counts as an artist date!