Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Little Christmas Music, Yooper-Style

Christmas is ten days away. What? That's right. Is everyone else scrambling to finish up their work for the year too?

To bring a little holiday cheer, I present you with this video of 'Rusty Chevrolet,' by Da Yoopers. I also have a question for you. Where I grew up, everyone knew this song, and so when I tiptoed over the bridge out into the rest of the world, I assumed that this was a popular Christmas parody, and that everyone else would know it too. So my question is, was this actually something that you all have heard before, or did I grow up in a Yooper bubble?

It's a goofy video, but I love it because everything in it reminds me of my childhood. The song doesn't actually start until about 1:08, so if you're going to watch it, you may want to skip ahead unless you want to watch a minute of some crusty dude digging his car out of the snow.



  1. lol! Nope, I can't say I've ever heard it before but it definitely gave me a good chuckle! :) They sound like an old Canadian folk band I used to know... but I can't remember their name right now!

  2. Well, I just had to google Yooper, so that probably answers that question for you. ;-)

  3. Waaay down in south Georgia, this was not a hit.

  4. I'm going to show this to my son. He'll feel better about his "previously enjoyed" car.