Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winding Down

The end of the year is approaching, folks. It's funny to think of December as a time of winding down, since it's probably the busiest month in the year--maybe I should've titled this post, Racing For The Finish. The music that's going through my head these days is somewhat like the finale of the William Tell Overture (which I'm embarrassed to say I had to do a Google search for [da da dum da da dum da da dum dum dum song name classical chase music] to refresh my memory as to the name...)

Anyhow...everybody getting geared up for the holidays? This is our first year in a house rather than an apartment, and I went a little nutso on the decorating. We put up a full-sized tree last weekend, though it's fake, because my Turkish husband was a little horrified at the idea of cutting down a tree every year just for decoration. We've got work holiday parties the next two Saturdays in a row, and we will probably do a little festivizing around our house as well, in the form of raclette, fondue, Lebkuchen, and Feuerzangenbowle (an American and a Turk, but we like to celebrate our Christmas German-style). And did I mention what we're doing for Christmas? My entire family--parents, brother, sister-in-law, and three energetic little nephews--are all coming to stay with us for a week. Excitement!

Since I haven't blogged in a while, I wanted to say congrats to everyone who participated in NaNoWriMo! Even if you didn't hit the 50k mark, you pushed yourself to think about your WIP for a month and probably got more on the page than you would have otherwise. If you're interested in winning a signed ARC of Marie Lu's Legend, head on over to Liz Briggs's blog. It's a really solid book and I enjoyed reading it, so sign up! Also, Jessica Love and a few other writers are hosting a fun blogfest later this month: the Class of 2011: YA Superlatives Blogfest. I signed up--you should too!

p.s. Need an energy boost? Do yourself a favor and listen--really listen--to the whole thing:


  1. I'm with you, the year may be winding down, but I'm racing to the end. That's so exciting you're having your family stay with you over the holidays. It should be fun, crazy, and interesting. (PS. I listened to the song. I am a geek.)

  2. Yay! Thanks for sharing our link! :-)

    Dec is always crazy. I seriously can't to ACTUALLY wind down in January.

  3. End of the year? Surely you're mistaken. I'm pretty sure it's only October, right?

    Oh no! December! It can't be! I'm not sure where these last few weeks went, but I am excited for the holidays and for the new year.

  4. It seems my To Do list still has too many things on it. I'm not quite ready for the year to be over, but I am enjoying the holiday spirit and festivities.

  5. Whew, sounds like you're going to have a busy holiday coming up! But in the best possible way!

    The end of the year definitely snuck up on me. Can't believe how fast time is passing these days.

  6. Thanks for the song! It's very energizing for a Tuesday morning! (I need it. There's no coffee in sight.) My December feels like a race as well. Hope you have a great Christmas and congrats on your blogiversary! :)

  7. Rachel! I'm finally following you, ha ha! Sounds like you've got some fun things planned out for Christmas. We have a fake tree too. :)