Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A message on behalf of the Croatian ministry of tourism

The quality is not great--these shots were taken with my cell phone. It took us thirty hours total to get here, but the return on this time investment has been fantastic:

The Adriatic as seen from our resort
The old walled city of Dubrovnik is totally shabby chic
Streets so clean they sparkle
The church where our friends were married. Happy day!
What is it? Swordfish carpaccio, anchovies, fish pate and octopus salad.

I think I've eaten my body weight in octopus. Lovely, clean, friendly country! Tomorrow we head back west, with a stop in Munich, but for now my Kindle and I are going to the beach.


  1. Oh, you lucky girl! Thanks for sharing these! Thirty hours well worth it!

  2. oohh! How pretty. Sounds great except for the octopus (not a seafood fan). Lucky lady!

  3. I know exactly what you mean with the octopus, :).
    By the way, I'm trying to suggest you to change the blogging platform, what do you say? Contact me if you say "yes", :). I'm so sorry you don't allow people with "normal" blogs to post comments, :(, and my future proposition is strongly connected with this issue.