Monday, January 16, 2012

On Wordiness

Sorry for the lack of posts last week--I know you were afraid I'd died of the common cold. Nope, I caved and went for some antibiotics, and I'm feeling almost like myself again. Did anyone watch the Golden Globes last night? Maybe I need to watch this movie again, but I did not love The Descendants when I saw it in the theater last month. I think my perception was skewed by my expectation that it would be funny like Sideways, when it was actually horribly depressing.

So I was going over my WIP recently, for the millionth time, and I have to say it never fails to amaze me how many superfluous words I end up cutting every time I do a pass. So many words! I think I tried to use every possible word on my first draft. I feel like a gardener doing hedge trimming. Are my words sprouting words?

I once thought I might write literary fiction (why? were you like this too?), and so my affection for pretty pretty language still comes through in occasional fits of wordiness. Why use one adjective to describe something when you can use two? Why not include that beautiful turn of phrase, even if it makes the reader scratch his/her head? One nice thing about wordiness though: when you've gained enough objectivity to be able to see it, trimming it out is extremely satisfying. Are you like me, or do you write lean and flesh it out later?

Happy Martin Luther King Day! We're all in this together, so let's be good to one another.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

When Cameron Was In Egypt's Land...

Double bonus points to you if you get the title reference. Great movie. Anyhow, that's the scene that's been flashing through my head every time I try to peel myself out of bed for the past few days. So much for keeping resolutions when you get flattened by the cold of the century on the second day of the new year!

I probably shouldn't be posting when I can practically feel the little viruses dancing through my bloodstream, but I've got cabin fever, ya know? The cat doesn't make for very good conversation. Before leaving for work this morning, my husband set me up with a giant bowl of Turkish scrambled eggs (feed a cold!), Dayquil sinus tabs, and a full season of Suits. I'm only two episodes deep, but so far I'm liking it. There was a funny line about being someone's pony that I'd quote for you, but...pfft. My brain is mush.

Since I'm only allowed to watch four episodes, if I'm still alive later this afternoon, I'll probably be reading Graceling until my stamina gives out. I've also read Anna Dressed In Blood and Shine this past week, both very good reads. I wasn't expecting Shine to remind me so much of Winter's Bone. Or Anna to remind me of Nightmare on Elm Street, at least a little.

And, if you didn't get the title this. Then go watch the movie. Forget about Matthew Broderick, this is Alan Ruck at his finest!