Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Today marks the publication of my second book, THE STOLEN MOON. I'm so happy that this book is out in the world, and incredibly pleased at the good reception it's gotten so far. After spending multiple years working on the first book as a labor of love, I was really proud to get another book written in less than a year, even if most of that writing happened in a panic-fueled haze.

I got a lot of help with this book, from my husband who cheered me on and left me alone when I needed time to write, from my boss who let me take a three-month leave of absence from my job to write, from my writers' group who are an awesome and supportive group of ladies, from my wonderful agent Joanna and her then-assistant Danielle who heroically read the whole book and got me feedback in two days so that I could make changes before my looming deadline, and to my editor who has been so wonderfully enthusiastic about this series.

But my biggest thanks go out to my critique partner Liz Briggs, who you may already know is a master plot whisperer. When it got down to crunch time and I only had a half-finished first draft and four weeks left to finish this book, she cheered me on through my chapter-a-day writing rampage and critiqued for me every single day, sending me mid-morning her critique of the chapter I'd sent her the night before. Some days she said, "This was awesome!" and my spirits went soaring. Other days she said, "This was terrible," and I had to nod my head and agree. Twice I had to rewrite the entire chapter. I wouldn't have made my deadline without her help, and the book probably wouldn't be nearly as good. So thanks, Liz, for your exceeding generosity and for keeping me sane. And thanks to everyone who's read THE LOST PLANET! I hope you enjoy this next chapter in Chase's adventures!