Saturday, February 25, 2012

In The Weeds

If you hadn't noticed, I've had to abandon pretty much any intentions of social networking lately. Last week was delightful, but very very busy with work and social engagements and other commitments. I just dropped my husband off at the airport for a quick business trip to Ankara, and now it's time to wind down and catch up on what's happening in the world.

This is coming a little bit late, but I want to thank Cherie of Cherie Writes for tagging me a while ago for an award on Valentine's Day. Thank you Cherie! I've also been tagged by Caitlin at All About Growing Up And Becoming A Famous Author to answer her 11 questions. Thanks Caitlin! I'm always in the mood for some fun questions, so here goes:

1. Cadbury Cream Eggs, yes or no?
Yes, fondly, although I've kinda cut back on the sugar, so I think I could only handle a bite or two now. But I think they're lovely.
2. Do you like to do writing prompts or continue with free writing time while editing?
Well, I've never really done any writing prompts outside of school, and when I'm revising, I'm revising. I'm more likely to start writing a second project while drafting something else. I'm prone to tangents, I guess.
3. Where do you spend most of your time writing?
Used to be on the couch, under a blanket, with my cat on my feet. But that's bad for the old wrists, so these days it's at a desk in my home office.
4. If you could be one person for a day, fictional, real, alive, or dead, who would you be?
Bella Swan! No, just kidding. Hmm, maybe Kara Thrace, being badass and fighting Cylons. 
5. What's the biggest writing pet peeve that you catch yourself doing?
Writing the longest sentences ever, with maybe one conjunction, or sometimes more conjunctions, so that the sentences goes on and on until your eyes glaze over and you start thinking, gee, maybe I should go get some cheese or start that load of laundry that I meant to do yesterday, but didn't get around to because I had to finish working on that chapter I was revising. Okay, I'm not that bad, but I do love my conjunctions.
6. Do you prefer to write on the computer or by hand?
Computer! My hand is not fast enough. Also I have terrible handwriting.
7. Are you as terrified of having to come up with 11 questions for someone else as I was?
Um...will you hate me if I don't do that just now? It's Saturday night, and I've got a hot date with my Kindle and the second half of Paranormalcy. 
8. Do you like to snack while you write, or does it distract you?
It doesn't distract me the way noise does. I guess I go ahead and snack if I'm hungry?
9. What is the most mundane task that has given you inspiration for writing?
That's a hard one. I can't think of anything. A lot of my inspiration comes from music.
10. Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because he was seeking enlightenment. Or maybe just trying to get to the beach.
11. Would you rather write well and never be published or write terribly, be published, and be loved by millions?
Writing terribly will probably never be a goal of mine ;-)

Alright folks, brain is shorting out and I still need to go write an email to my mom and dig up some dinner. I'll try to get around to more blogs soon. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Hug You All

Happy Valentine's Day! Please accept a virtual hug from me, since I cannot virtually share the delicious Coffee-Rum Truffettes I made last night for the occasion. (Tip: They are super easy to make, especially if you skip the dipping and just roll them in cocoa powder. Also they are addictive.) (Bonus tip: If you decide to make them and think that it would be smart to scoop them out with a melon baller, be aware that a melon baller is quite sharp. It will cut a deep channel in the pad of your thumb if you let it.)

I don't have too much else to say today, so in honor of my dear Valentine who likes gypsy music, I will share this song that I cannot get enough of lately:

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Few Good Reads

So I just caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror, whilst tossing more decongestant down my gullet, and what I saw made me pause. Sure, I've been sick the past four days (again? yes, again), and I've spent most of my time sleeping and sweating and not grooming, but I had some ridiculously big purple bags under my eyes. I wondered, Am I really that sick? I thought I was getting better?

And then I remembered that I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars this morning. Those swollen lids are little mementos of how hard I sobbed. Oh John Green, have you no care for your readers' delicate eyelid skin?

Of course it was an amazing book. Augustus Waters is up there with my all-time favorite characters. And I count myself lucky to have been able to get a ticket to John Green's book tour when he came through L.A. last week--if you think he and Hank would probably put on an awesome show together, you would be right.

I also recently attended Robin Mellom's release party for her debut, Ditched. She was absolutely lovely in person, and I won the raffle basket (put together by her parents!) which had all kinds of cool schwag (including but not limited to FUNYUNS!) and an ARC of her upcoming MG book, The Classroom. Yay me! I haven't read Ditched yet, but I'm looking forward to it--it looks like such a fun book.

Other books I have read recently: Chime by Frannie Billingsley (a little slow and very different, but by the end I really liked it), and Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley (unique and lovely, with a plot that comes together so neatly). Right now I'm working my way through A Game of Thrones, which I'm embarrassed to say my friend's husband lent me lo these many years ago (before the HBO series was even announced), and I only just now took interest in after watching said series and needing to know right now what happens next. The epic fantasy, she is not my first choice, but the storytelling here is excellent.

Anybody out there read epic fantasy? Is there anything else amazing that I'm missing?