Monday, March 25, 2013

Interview and some updates

Hey all, my intro interview is up over at the OneFour Kidlit blog: 

Pop over and check it out, and then stick around and read all the other intro posts of my fellow 2014 debut kidlit authors. But be prepared to get very excited, because there are some amazing books coming out next year!

Other infobites:

  • My book is up on Goodreads! If you add it to your shelves, I will feel all happy and loved. 
  • Something fun to read: my publisher, Feiwel and Friends, has been running a weekly feature on their Facebook page highlighting different members of their staff. Lots of fun facts and pictures--even a photo of a Newfoundland getting acupuncture. I wonder if they do that for anxious cats...
  • After reaching 3,000 likes on the Grisha Facebook page, the powers that be have made the second chapter of Leigh Bardugo's Siege and Storm available here! As if your appetites needed any more whetting for the June 4th release date. 

As for me, right now I'm preparing for some upheaval since we're moving house in about a week. I've been stressing about how to keep packing, unpacking, and all the accompanying address-change paperwork from overtaking my daily allotment of writing time. But certain adjustments in have been made to accomodate this, and as long as I keep some degree of discipline, I'll have more writing time than ever. This may be the point where I draw up a daily time management chart. Have any of you ever used one? Did it work?