Thursday, April 19, 2012

Well hello there

April is nearly over, and I just realized that I haven't blogged yet this month. Oops. There's been lots going on, and it's not stopping anytime soon. We've got an old friend coming to stay with us this weekend, and the following weekend one of my college roommates will be passing through for a conference, and I hope to spend some time catching up with her. It scares me how long it's been since college, because when I think about those days, it seems like it was just a year or two ago.

I'm also suuuuuper excited about an amazing writing retreat that I'm going on in about two weeks. I don't think any of my fellow retreaters have blogged about it yet, but a small group of us are heading out to a cabin in the woods for a long weekend to write and it's going to be awesome. I was hoping to start working on something new since I've got about five fun ideas bouncing around inside my head right now, but it looks like I'll be diving into some rewrites instead. Pretty jazzed about those too, though, so it's all good.

Because I've been such a lazy blogger lately, I've signed up for Sara McClung's Blog Me MAYbe blogfest, where we'll have a different blogging prompt for each day of the week. Go check it out if you're interested in joining. I think it's going to be fun!

And finally, here's a little wake-up music for you. Sometimes I like to listen to a little classical first thing in the morning while I'm gathering my wits, and right now I can't get enough of this piece. I used to play piano pretty well back in another life--I even auditioned in college--but then I dropped it entirely, and now all those pieces that used to live in my muscle memory are only ghosts in my fingers. But I still love to listen to them.